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Introducing the Watergate Walk-in Bathtub designed for seniors, those with disabilities, and everyone else!


The Watergate Walk-in Bathtub is a walk-in bathtub that allows you to fill the tub while you are outside of it.


The other walk-in tubs are designed in a way that requires you turn the water on while you are sitting inside of the tub waiting for the water to fill it.


Here you can just turn on the water, and adjust the water temperature and your desired level, while you are removing your make-up, brushing your teeth, and getting undressed and ready for your bath.


When you're ready, just enter the tub through the rear chamber, which is dry, because of the watergate and the dual drain system.


After you enter the rear compartment, close the door and simply open up the watergate.


Both compartments will now fill with water.


After you have stepped forward, while remaining in the front compartment, turn around and close the watergate.


Once the watergate is closed you can lower the seat, which is conveniently located in the rear of the tub.


With the seat braced on the rear of the tub and the watergate, you can now bathe or just relax as the water continues to fill up above your waist to your desired level.


When you're finished, raise the seat back to its’ home and open the watergate.


This walk-in tub also allows you to bathe lying down in a full tub or at anytime you can shower.


When you are done, step to the rear chamber and simply close the watergate.


The drain in the back chamber will quickly remove the water.


Open the door and exit the tub while the water in the front chamber is still draining.


There is no need to wait until all of the water is fully drained to exit the Watergate Walk-in Bathtub.

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