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Introducing The Watergate Walk-in Bathtub.



Did you ever notice that all of the other walk-in tubs require the user to get into the tub, shut the door and then begin filling the tub?  And when you are finished, you have to wait until the tub is completely empty before opening the door and exiting.


Also, other family members can't use those other walk-in tubs for bathing or soaking while laying down, or for showering.


The Watergate Walk-in Bathtub is a walk-in bathtub that allows a user to fill the tub without being positioned inside while having the entry door in an open position.


This tub facilitates setting the bathtub as would be possible with a traditional tub, whereafter the user can enter the bathtub without climbing over the bathtub wall.


Further, it is not necessary for the water to fully drain for the user to open the door and exit the tub, because of the dual drain system.


The Watergate Walk-in Bathtub allows the user to bathe sitting down.


For those with reduced mobility, including the elderly and disabled, moving into and exiting from a typical bathtub can be difficult.


Additionally, this full bathtub can also be used for bathing and soaking in the laying down position, and for showering, just like millions of existing bathtubs in homes worldwide.


Besides being an attractive alternative to the standard bathtubs that are being installed by developers in new home and condominium construction, the Watergate Walk-in Bathtub has specifications that allow it to be installed in existing homes as a replacement tub.

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